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2nd Annual Lacypalooza a Success

We are still in recovery mode here at Bell Bottoms but the satisfaction of another great event makes up for all the hard work. Between illnesses, snake bites, and dog injuries this was a stressful year to pull things together. We managed though with the help of all our LDBA members who showed up early and stayed late to get things done. This year ran much smoother than the first and we were able to get all of our events in and experienced the culinary skills of Cody Lee who cooked some fabulous BBQ. We enjoyed getting to see Bella work in the bay pen with pups out of all 3 of her past litters. Lady and Blue had never seen a pig before and took to it like a fish to water. June, the youngest at a little over 6 months looked dynamite. With over 40 dogs in attendance this year we saw some impressive performances in the bay pen as well as at the coon treeing. The prey drive of these animals is always remarkable. We also had several mock blood trails set up this year for pups and experienced dogs. These events are instrumental in showcasing the talents of potential breeding partners and have given multiple breeders the opportunity to set up solid future breeders based on working ability and conformation.

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